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MedTweeet.MY (MTM) merupakan satu badan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang telah ditubuhkan atas dasar kesedaran betapa pentingnya penyebaran info kesihatan yang sahih dari mereka yang bertauliah. Pada zaman media teknologi memainkan peranan penting dalam kehidupan, pelbagai fitnah perubatan dan informasi kurang tepat berleluasa.

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Our vision is to create a medium for Health Practitioners from different background and  specialties, who have the same drive in dispensing accurate Medical Information and Knowledge via different platforms of the social media, especially in twitter.


Our mission is to encourage comradery between health professionals, and to create a team that will work together in debunking medical myths and wrong information that are being viral-ed. We also strive to become a medium for health professionals to do charity work.

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