COVID19MTM1We all feel the struggle and suffering faced by the front-liners in combating the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, MedTweetMY COVID-19 Fund is officially launched today. Our mission is to ease the burden of our fellow comrades, subsequently showing our solidarity and support for them to keep standing on the front line. The fund will be channelled directly to them through MedTweetMY members nationwide.
MedTweetMY is calling for all Malaysians come forward and contribute to the fund which will be used to provide food supplies, protective gears, or any other needs that can help our front-liners in delivering their work efficiently with ease in this critical time. MedTweetMY will touch base directly with all the parties involved to ensure that the fund will be used sufficiently and adequately.
At the moment, we have gathered approximately 1,000 pieces of headscarves for healthcare workers in hospitals. Practical, instant wear and fast-drying headscarves will be used for this purpose along with protective gears.
Again we are calling for all Malaysians to unite and make your contributions to the fund through the account listed below.